11th Annual HR Excellence MENA Summit

Compensation and Benefits

30 – 31 March 2021 | ONLINE

2020 fundamentally challenged HR in every imaginable way. Entire organisations shifted to work from home models, new and extant technologies were adopted with alarming speed, and the focus on employee safety intensified. Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: What will 2021 and the future bring?

The 11th Annual HR Excellence MENA Summit: Compensation and Benefits has been designed to cover all the current hot topics and challenges that HR has been facing in the COVID-19 era and also looks into what the future holds for them regarding the role of digitalisation, corporate well-being, non-cash benefits and many more. This business event will provide you with many valuable lessons and tips from C-level experts who will be sharing real-life case studies and experience from top banking, telecommunication, aviation, hospitality, retail, chemical, oil & gas, construction, real estate and pharmaceutical industries.

Hottest topics will be discussed this annual

  • Challenges HR departments face with employee benefits: One size does not fit all
  • In unprecedented times for HR teams, technology can help
  • HR’s take on compensation and benefits before and after the COVID-19 era
  • HR trends to be thinking about
  • Is cash the biggest motivation for employees?
  • How important is corporate wellness and what is HR doing about them?


Sangeetha RAMESH

Global Head of People Planning


Forget Cash: There Are Better Ways to Motivate Employees

• Employees aspire to align themselves with organisations that not only align with their attitudes and values but offer non-cash benefits:
• What are the non-cash benefits that organisations should focus on?
• Cash is the king, but the throne is held by non-cash benefits: When cash loses its appeal to motivate employees, how do you ensure non-cash benefits stay relevant? What are the emerging trends in non -cash benefits?
• What are the common mistakes that are often overlooked while incentivising and motivating employees and why you must change them?
• How do you inspire employees beyond recognition and praise? What are the benefits of positive psychology interventions and why it matters?


HR & BS Director


Industry Challenges Within the Pandemic

The presentation will cover efficiency and productivity during the pandemic, communication methods, and staff wellness.

• Agility
• Communication
• Staff wellness
• Supporting programmes

Mohammed Abdull QUDDUS

Head of Compensation & Benefits MENA Region


Addressing the Impact of COVID-19: What Is the Impact on Reward and Well-Being Programme?

COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded and led to unprecedented health & economic crisis; employers are being forced to change their rewards strategies across all levels of the organisation.

• The impact of pandemic on C&B
• How the C&B strategies have changed & been modified by the organisations
• Cultural change due to pandemic
• More stress on pay-for-performance culture & how the incentives schemes have changed
• Actions on short-term benefits


Head of HR & Development Department


The Future of Corporate Wellness: How to Engage Remote Employees in the COVID-19 Era

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our perspective & life in all aspects. It has disrupted existing organisational wellness programmes that led management to change their strategy by expanding and enhancing corporate wellness culture offering different means to meet employees’ needs during this pandemic and what is beyond.

• Digital transformation initiatives and activities will help us build a new culture and be more flexible during this pandemic through e-learning platforms & social media
• Management visits to all 30 branches to ensure corporate wellness and provide motivations during existing difficult times that have been exacerbated in Syria after the corona pandemic. This was also done through contacting them personally more often, motivating, creating wellness challenges with the team and ensuring a family and safe spirit
• Virtual programmes are key in this period to build a remote methodology and policy in the workplace. This could be applicable by amending the skills needed based on the analysis done for certain job requirement
• Virtual awareness on mental and physical healthcare during COVID-19 quarantine period is essential to ensure that employees are healthy, happy and maintain an energetic upbeat lifestyle at home that has now become the new workplace



Head of Rewards – Asia Pacific


Transforming Rewards Processes Through Technology and Building Trust and Transparency

The ever-dynamic workplace of the future also needs a fast changing landscape in total rewards processes to match the pace of disruption that we are seeing today. Three increasingly relevant questions faced by the rewards leadership community on this aspect are: Are we able to visualise how customer-centric rewards processes of the future look like? Are we using technology to aid faster decision-making in the organisation? How do we prepare and manage change in organisations faced with the dilemma to globalise process while still maintaining local process relevance in different markets? In this session, the speaker will attempt to unclutter some of these questions with the help of some specific examples/cases in point.

Good overall, I gained a lot of useful information. Lots of insights to learn from and a great speaker line-up

Total Rewards Head, Senior Manager Organisation Development
at Abu Dhabi Airports

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