12th Annual HR Excellence Summit:
Compensation & Benefits

22– 23 March 2022 | Dubai

The consequences of the pandemic situation are preceded by all the pillars of the business world-workplace and team relations, work organisation, management. At the heart of this whole is human resources, that had to make a great deal of effort to ensure the safety of employees and to organise work.

The 12th Annual HR Excellence MENA Summit: Compensation and Benefits has been designed for senior-level decision-makers to bring up and exchange valuable thoughts on the ongoing topics from the human resources field: hiring of new employees process, post-COVID-19 situation at the workplace, modernisation of work benefits, improvement to attract millennials, new challenges and possibilities of market capacity will be discussed in a rich programme full of key strategies from top players.

This interactive HR conference will provide you with lessons learned and valuable information by experienced leaders with the best chance to increase network opportunities in a friendly atmosphere.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • The main reward and recognition strategies to engage and retain talent
  • Modernisation of job benefits: relevant benefits for current situation
  • Phantoms of the work: anxiety, stress and mental illness
  • The impact on employees caused by disruptions in workforce
  • Covid-19 the worldwide crisis: reason for new mindset and way of thinking
  • New force to help innovate workplace – millennials and how to attract them



Director of Talent & Career Development


Understanding and Improvement of Work Performance to Attract Millennials

The workforce of the 21st century is expected to be dominated by Millennials. As per the recent study, the number percentage of millennials in the workplace will reach 75% by 2025. This is an alarming study that will change the paradigm of the old performance management systems. With the change of this perceptions, the new performance management programs should focus to particularly address the needs of the millennial workforce.

• Millennial at workplace
• Mindset, Attitude and Performance of the Future
• Future of workforce & Millennial impact on business
• Millennial workforce impact on organizational performance
• The new performance management to adapt the new workforce generation


HR Director GCC and Levant


High Performing Culture

In a high-performing culture, employees are motivated, productive and engaged. Management practices drivers, shared vision, strategic clarity, employee involvement (Direction) – Accountability and ownership / Capability development/ Talent Development/ talent retention/inclusion. Supportive/servant leadership (Leadership)

• Performance based culture foundation
• Leadership practices
• Capability development
• Talent development and recognition

Moe Mesbah

Group Head of HR - Levant Region


New Compensation & Benefits Strategics in 2022

Understanding market changes and ensuring you have a competitive rewards offering

• Staying ahead of the curve while meeting the demands of a changing market
• Analysing the change in the labour market due to the pandemic and other factors
• Highlighting the biggest changes that employers have made to suit the current climate and what will stay vs. what will go


Head of Reward- APAC


Strengthening Company Culture through Total Reward

Reward programs directly and indirectly impact every employee in the company. How can we ensure that total reward programs are strengthening and elevating company culture.

• Company culture is a complex set of behaviours, notions, actions and mindset
• HR and Reward leaders must always be aligning HR and Reward programs and offerings such that is helps bring company culture to life
• This session will highlight some programs that does that


VP of Human Resources


Extraordinary People Experience

Virgin Mobile is creating an extraordinary people experience to ensure everyone is engaging with the customers and provides an Extraordinary Customer Experience for our customers.

Very well organised summit packed with resourceful presentations. It was a fantastic conference!

– Chief Human Resources Officer Union National Bank

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