This year Summit will host speakers from the world’s leading companies.
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Chief Human Capital Officer
Chief HR Officer
Group Director of Reward
Derya Tekin
President of human resources
Chief HR Officer
Mohamed Abdel
Head of compensation and benefits – Middle East


Selected Case Studies from the Agenda

Harsh SOODSenior vice President HR
Union National Bank

Reward and recognition strategies to engage and retain talent

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive environment, retaining key talent is imperative. Organizations need to have innovative reward and recognition mechanisms to ensure the talent is engaged on a continual basis in order to actively contribute to the business success on a sustained basis. The reward and recognition strategies can be a combination of monetary and non-monetary mechanisms. A few case studies and bet practices will be shared during the session.

Peter LEMPERISGroup Director of Reward
Kuwait Food Company (AMERICANA)

How to build a high-performance culture from the ground up

In the presentation Peter will discuss how to build a High Performance Culture through the Recognition and flexible Reward structures.

  • What is the High Performance Culture
  • Where do organizations fail to build a High Performance Culture
  • Insights from Americana experience with building a High Performance Culture
  • How to align Rewards opportunities
Mohamed Abdel RAOUFMohamed Abdel

Employee engagement – where to play and how to win?

Reward plans are similar to company products; both could be very successful because of an effective branding campaign! Organizations are always focusing on employees engagement and how it could affect productivity; giving the fact that cash elements alone won’t buy you a sustainable employee engagement. Yet, a sense of balance between what the employees contribute by to an organization and what they get back in return is fundamental to sustaining the extra efforts that come with an engaged workforce. Therefore, reward plans are an important component of the effective employee engagement strategies, and the way organizations design, brand, and communicate these programs is crucial for achieving a high level of employee engagement.

  • What are the success factors of reward plans branding?
  • What is the impact of reward plans branding & communication on employee engagement & what are the relevant tools?
  • How to manage the life cycle of a reward plan?
Othman AL-HADDIChief HR Officer
Saudi Binladin Group

The strategic importance of reward and recognition in achieving superior business results

The effectiveness of any compensation and benefits program is measured by the impact on business results and organization health. This presentation aims to establish a strategic linkage between compensation and benefits and its direct impact on business results. It provides a holistic understanding of the reward and recognition program fundamentals and how it can be optimized from the cost standpoint to achieve results.

  • Understanding principles and fundamentals of reward and recognition program
  • The impacts of reward and recognition on talents, engagement, accountability, performance, and culture
  • How can reward and recognition be leveraged to achieve a superior organization performance
  • How to design a reward and recognition that achieves its intended goals